Bamboo moxibustion device

Originally I love bamboo baskets as a hobby, but this time I came across something wonderful. It is a bamboo moxibustion device. It will be available at the SUIGEN select shop.

I grew up with acupuncture and moxibustion since I was little, so the burning smell of moxa is a very nostalgic and favorite scent. The handmade moxa has a nice scent.

The maker of this bamboo moxibustion device added a small amount of sage to the dried wormwood, kneaded it quickly, and rubbed it with a colander to moxibustion. Another effect is added, the scent is improved, and a wonderful idea! It is also recommended to add a large amount of fragrant herbs such as white sage and use it as a scent! The combination of moxa and herbs is the best!

This moxa is a commercial product ↓

It is also recommended to cut the moxa into a suitable length.

This bamboo moxibustion device is the work of Mimura Chikuho, a craftsman living in the Kunisaki Peninsula, Oita Prefecture.

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