How to make mist

We use plants that grow naturally in the land of Okinawa Yanbaru and those that are naturally cultivated. A limited quantity mist where you can feel the energy of Yanbaru no Mori, which is a mixture of high-quality essential oils and flower essences. Please use it in your own space when you want to be supported by the presence of plants, when you are unbalanced or tired, or when you are relaxing or refreshing. Also as a body mist and room spray.

SUIGEN is a 100% natural and organic botanical product from northern Okinawa. Hand harvested, freshly distilled plant leaves infused with high-quality essentials oils and flower essences, unite you with nature. Gently apply the mist to rejuvenate an exhausted body and calm a restless mind – spray to refresh and revitalize the room.
As for the essential oils used, we basically use organic products.

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