<transcy>SUIGEN MIST (small) -Tranquility -Seisei</transcy>
<transcy>SUIGEN MIST (small) -Tranquility -Seisei</transcy>

SUIGEN MIST (small) -Tranquility -Seisei

Tranquility: Seisei

Perfect companion for your travels.

This is a mist that gives you clarity as you relax with deep inhales and exhales. We have used the aromatic distilled water made from organically cultivated lemongrass, and combined this with high quality essential oils and flower essences.
Ideal for use when you need a moment of relaxation of refreshment. Before you begin work that uses your head. To cleanse a space. Also for use as a room spray or fragrance.


Contents Lemongrass aromatic distilled water (Okinawa); essential oils (sandalwood, bergamot), flower essence (Okinawa ryukyu pine), vegetable ethanol

Volume 20 ml

Caution keep away from fire. Do not ingest.