<transcy>SUIGEN MIST --Soukai -Seisei</transcy>
<transcy>SUIGEN MIST --Soukai -Seisei</transcy>
<transcy>SUIGEN MIST --Soukai -Seisei</transcy>

SUIGEN MIST --Soukai -Seisei

惺惺 Seisei

It is a mist that calms down with deep breathing and gives clarity.

A mixture of high-quality essential oils and flower essences based on naturally cultivated lemongrass aromatic distilled water.

When you need to relax and refresh. Before work that uses your head. Purification of space. It can also be used as a room spray and fragrance.

Flower essence used

<Ryukyu pine>

Utility <Clarity, bird's-eye view, calmness>

Contents < Lemongrass aromatic distilled water (Okinawa) Essential oil (sandalwood, bergamot) Flower essence (Ryukyu pine from Okinawa) Plant ethanol

Internal capacity 50 ml

note No fire, no drinking