100% natural and organic botanical products from the remote corners of Kyushu and Okinawa

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A handmade blend of pure, natural botanical oils

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Bring Nature Home

Helps you stay calm and relax

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Designed to give comfort

Easy to use for anyone

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suigen tea

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Suigen Products

Natural remedy for stress

I think that everyone feels some kind of stress or fatigue in their daily life and needs support. Even at times like this, plants deeply and gently resonate with us, gradually loosening the stiffness from the inside and making up for the healing.

Bring Nature Home

When you are in the forest, you are surrounded by a sense of relief that accepts life itself. The power of plants obediently works on our mind and body and restores our breathing.

Handmade with care

The plants used in SUIGEN are cultivated so as not to burden other living things as much as possible. I'm picking it so that I can separate it little by little. Therefore, mass production is not possible, but we do gentle and careful manufacturing.

I hope that the finished product will lead to someone's joy and happiness even a little.







How SUIGEN mist is made


S U I G E N gift


Inflate your heart with the beauty of clear water

while talking to plants

Things made with care

It will give you a gentle and happy moment

let me bring

From the forest to you. Our products are made with only the purest natural essences.