Sari Anton

Since childhood, he has lived in places where nature remains rich.

Loves animals and plants, and nurtures a unique sensibility with alternative parents in a self-sufficient lifestyle. After graduating from junior high school, his physical condition deteriorated, and at the same time, his allergic constitution worsened, so he worked hard for a year and a half to recuperate. After that, I will deepen my learning about mental and physical health without going to high school.

In 2009 , he and his family renovated an old private house that was built more than 120 years ago on the Kunisaki Peninsula . Opened the community space "Hyakka momokusa ".

2012 Set up a base in northern Okinawa.

Established plant product SUIGEN in 2018. Currently, we are working on product manufacturing based in Oita Prefecture and Okinawa Prefecture.

Born in Hiroshima, Sari was raised between Kyoto, Okinawa and Oita. Her upbringing in a self-sufficient environment allowed her to foster close relationship with plants and wild life.

Learning firsthand cooking and building, she decided to renovate a 120 year old farm house to open an organic café in northern Oita.

After giving birth to her two children, Sari relocated to Okinawa. She currently bases her work in both the Kunisaki peninsula and northern Okinawa.