Tea Tree

tea tree
Scientific name: Melaleuca alternifolia
Family name: Myrtaceae
Action: antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic, antifungal,
(for all kinds of infections and mycoses)
A medicinal herb that has been used since ancient times by the Australian Aborigines.
It has been used as a panacea for infections and wounds.
It is also said to be effective for nervous fatigue, neurosis, and stress as a tonic for the autonomic nervous system.
It is also attractive that it is gentle on the skin despite its strong bactericidal power.
Example of use:
<Distilled water>
Mask spray, oral care, room mist, refreshing mist for nervous fatigue, space purification, etc.
<Essential oil>
Apply directly to athlete's foot, herpes, and insect bites.
Add 1 or 2 drops to half a glass of water for oral care.
At the beginning of a cold, drop it on an aroma diffuser and inhale steam.
Add a few drops to your footbath, herbal bath, or shampoo for scalp care. .
Please refrain from using if it does not suit your body.

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