SUIGEN story

When we are in interaction with plants, we are reminded of the joys of living with the Land, and the path of living in alignment with our health. Every plant has its unique characteristics, and every single one carries its own pure, beautiful vibration.

As we interact with the characteristics of these plants, we become enveloped in pure joy, or deep love.

We love this world created by plants and nature. Our work is devoted to bringing the full potential of these plants to fruition.

Our products are designed to be used when you want to feel closer to nature, or when you want to feel supported by the presence of plants in your daily life. They can be used in all sorts of situations; when you are feeling stressed or tired, when your heart needs nourishment, or when you want to feel relaxed or refreshed.

How the mists are made

What is hydrosol?

Hydrosol is the scented water that is created in the process of extracting plant essences through high-temperature water vapor.

The distillation process at SUIGEN is carried out for the purpose of crafting hydrosol; it is not a by-product of essential oil production. It is a herbal water that holds the qualities of essential oils as well as the water-soluble components of the plants.

The vital energy of nature can be felt through these fragrances that have extracted all of the most potent qualities of the plants.

SUIGEN mists use hydrosol as their base, and there is no added water. This means that you can enjoy the evolution of the scent as time passes. The waters of these living plants mature in combination with the essential oils, creating a sense of depth.

What are flower essences?

Flower essences are created by transferring vibrational information of flower properties and energies into water. It is said that plants possess a ‘positive’ quality that displaces the ‘negative’ energy created by humans. There is a form of botanical therapy used since ancient times where the morning dew that gathers on flower petals is ingested. When practiced long-term, the recipient begins to take on the characteristics of the plants as their own values and behaviors. This method is also known as the intravenous drip of consciousness, influencing human emotion and stabilizing psychological imbalances, providing healing guidance in this way.

May you experience a sense of union with the plants.

Sari Anton

Since childhood, Sari has lived in places where nature remains strong.

Loving plants and animals, she's lived a self-sufficient lifestyle under the influence of her uniquely alternative parents. Without pursuing higher education, she decided to fully immerse herself in the life of building, growing, and producing. In 2009, she renovated a 120 year old house on the Kunisaki Peninsula to open a community space called "momokusa". With the birth of her second child, she moved to Okinawa in 2012.

She is currently based in the Kunisaki Peninsula and northern Okinawa.