SUIGEN story

When you come into contact with plants, you will be reminded of the joy of living on the ground and the cycle of unhealthy life. Each plant has its own individuality, and each is a pure and beautiful wave.

When you come into contact with that individuality, you will be as it is Enveloped in joy and deep love.

We love the world created by plants and nature. We always try to make things that can make the most of their power.

When you want to enjoy nature in your daily life or when you want to be supported by the presence of plants. For mental imbalance and tiredness, for mental nutrition, when you want to relax and refresh Please use it in various situations.

Until SUIGEN mist is made

What is aromatic distilled water?

Aromatic distilled water is the scented water that is created when the essential oils are extracted by extracting the components of plants with high-temperature steam.
SUIGEN's aromatic distilled water is not a by-product of essential oil production, but is distilled for the purpose of producing aromatic distilled water. It is an essential oil that can be extracted as an essential oil, and herbal water that contains all the effective water-soluble components of plants. Only the areas where the plants have the best scent and function are extracted from the plants.

SUIGEN mist is based on aromatic distilled water and no water is added, so you can enjoy the change in scent over time. It is fermented as water for living plants and mixes with other essential oils to give a sense of depth.

What is Flower Essence?

Flower essence is the transfer of wave motion, which is the property and energy information of flowers, to water. It is said that plants have "positives" that can respond to various "negatives" created by humans. It is a phytotherapy that has been used since ancient times in the form of ingesting the morning dew accumulated in the petals, and by using it for a long period of time, the nature of the plant becomes one's own value habit. It is also called an intravenous drip of consciousness, and it has the function of healing and guiding by working on human emotions, adjusting the distortion of the mind, and regaining balance.
Please enjoy the sense of unity with the plants.

Sari Anton

Since childhood, he has lived in places where nature remains strong.

He loves flora and fauna and develops his own sensibility under his alternative parents in a self-sufficient life. Enjoy the life of building food, clothing and shelter without going to high school.

As an extension of that, we renovated an old private house on the Kunisaki Peninsula that was over 100 years old with our family. In 2009, the community space "Hundred Kinds momokusa" was opened.

Set up a base in Okinawa in 2012. Currently, he is working hard to make products based in the Kunisaki Peninsula and northern Okinawa.

Born in Hiroshima, Sari was raised between Kyoto, Okinawa and Oita. Her upbringing in a self-sufficient environment allowed her to foster close relationship with plants and wild life.

Learning firsthand cooking and building, she decided to renovate a 120 year old farm house to open an organic café in northern Oita.

After giving birth to her two children, Sari relocated to Okinawa. She currently bases her work in both the Kunisaki peninsula and northern Okinawa.