<transcy>SUIGEN HYDRODOL --Okinawa cinnamon (Karaki) hydrosol</transcy>
<transcy>SUIGEN HYDRODOL --Okinawa cinnamon (Karaki) hydrosol</transcy>

SUIGEN HYDRODOL --Okinawa cinnamon (Karaki) hydrosol

Okinawa cinnamon (Karaki) hydrosol

For use as a pillow mist before sleep, as a room spray, as a fragrant mist for the car, for when in need of relaxation or refreshment.

This mist is also helpful to recover when emotionally tired, and to improve energy and sense of wellbeing.

Take your time to enjoy the scent of this Okinawa cinnamon, a rare plant nurtured by the forests of Yanbaru.

Production location Higashi, Okinawa

Product part Leaves

Extraction method Steam-based distillation 

Contents Okinawa cinnamon aromatic distilled water

Volume 60ml