SUIGEN MIST Small - Asakusa - Asagusa
SUIGEN MIST Small - Asakusa - Asagusa
SUIGEN MIST Small - Asakusa - Asagusa

SUIGEN MIST Small - Asakusa - Asagusa

Small size convenient for travel.

A mist that gives you a refreshing feeling as if you were walking on grass covered with morning dew. A blend of high-quality essential oils and flower essences based on fragrant distilled water from lemongrass cultivated at the SUIGEN farm without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Contents Lemongrass fragrant distilled water, essential oils (geranium, lavender, lemon eucalyptus, tea tree, orange) flower essence (Irukanda from Okinawa) plant ethanol

Contents 20ml

note Store away from high temperatures and direct sunlight

The raw materials of the mist are all plants. Manufactured using fragrant distilled water from herbs grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The essential oils that are blended are mainly those that are manufactured in-house and those that are certified organic. Unless the plant does not suit your constitution, you can use it with confidence. Please use it as a space purification, room fragrance, handkerchief, pillow mist. It can also be used comfortably in self-care situations such as yoga and meditation.

Due to the quality of the product, the spray nozzle is easily clogged. If there is a problem, please let us know with your shipping address using the inquiry form . We will send you a new spray head.