<transcy>SUIGEN MIST Small --Asagu ―― Asagusa</transcy>
<transcy>SUIGEN MIST Small --Asagu ―― Asagusa</transcy>

SUIGEN MIST Small --Asagu ―― Asagusa

Morning 艸 Asagusa
It is a small size that is convenient for travel.
It is a mist that feels refreshing as if you were walking in the grass covered with morning dew. Based on the aromatic distilled water of lemongrass naturally cultivated in Yanbaru, high-quality essential oils and flower essences are mixed.
At the beginning of the day. When you need to relax and refresh. Negative energy, purification of space. Room spray. Mask mist. It can also be used as an insect repellent.
Flower essence used
Utility <Vitality. Cheerful. Cheerfulness. Curiosity. courage. >
Contents Lemongrass aromatic distilled water (Okinawa) Essential oil (Geranium, lavender, lemon eucalyptus, tea tree, orange) Flower essence (Okinawa ilcanda) Plant ethanol
Internal capacity 20 ml
note No fire, no drinking