<transcy>SUIGEN MIST (small) -Unconditional Love -Jiai</transcy>
<transcy>SUIGEN MIST (small) -Unconditional Love -Jiai</transcy>

SUIGEN MIST (small) -Unconditional Love -Jiai

Unconditional Love: Jiai

Perfect companion for your travels.

This is the sort of mist that releases tension through the healing powers of plants. We have used the aromatic distilled water made from shell ginger (Alpinia zerumbet) native to Yanbaru, Okinawa as the base, and combined this with high quality essential oils and flower essences. We have used generous doses of damask rose, making for a mist replete with a sense of joy. 

For when you are in need of relaxation or refreshing. For an unbalanced heart-mind. For the purification of a space. For when you are tense or nervous. It can also be used as a room spray, mask mist, or fragrance. 

Effects: internal love and warmth. Forgiveness. Healing. Relief

Contents Shell ginger aromatic distilled water (Okinawa); essential oils (oak moss, damask rose), flower essence (Okinawa amakusagi), vegetable ethanol

Volume 20ml
Caution keep away from fire. Do not ingest.