SUIGEN MIST --Charity --Jiai

Charity Jiai

It is such a mist that the love transmitted from plants heals us and relieves tension. Aroma distilled water made from shell ginger that grows naturally in Yanbaru is used as a base to mix high-quality essential oils and flower essences. A mist with a strong sense of well-being that uses abundant damask rose.
When you need to relax and refresh. For unbalanced mind. Purification of space. When you are nervous or stiff. Also as a room spray, mask mist, fragrance.

Flower essence used


Utility <Love and warmth are born inside. Forgiveness. Healing. Relief>

Contents Shell ginger aromatic distilled water (Okinawa) essential oil (oak moss, damask rose), flower essence (Okinawa amaxagi), vegetable ethanol

Internal capacity 50 ml

note No fire, no drinking